Book Release Promo: Blaze Tuesday and the Case of the Knight Surgeon by Kai Kiriyama

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This book is out NOW. Skip the pre-orders, skip the terrible waiting. Just go buy it now. Here’s a link: (Smashwords offers a variety of format options, is DRM free, and accepts PayPal.) If Smashwords isn’t your provider of choice, there are more links further down this post.

If you want to know more about it first, then read on.

I first read an early draft of Blaze Tuesday and the Case of the Knight Surgeon many years ago, and loved the characters. A pulpy detective is just up my literary dream alley, and Blaze did not disappoint. Nor did the other characters, the setting, or the story.

I managed to snag the busy writer for a quick interview.

What sparked the idea for Blaze as a character?

I decided during NaNoWriMo 2012 that I wanted to write a pulp noir detective because it was something that I hadn’t done yet. Blaze was originally a big joke, to the point where I was joking that he was a self-insert power fantasy (which isn’t actually true, but we laughed about it for a long time, especially during the initial writing when I was going insane during NaNoWriMo.) I wanted to make him sarcastic and definitely not Sherlock, sort of an everyman who doesn’t quite grasp what he’d fully gotten himself into.

I know you have an actor in mind for the ideal Blaze, but what about Jackson?

Jackson doesn’t have a solid actor in my head. He flip-flops depending on the day. I usually say that I’d like to cast Misha Collins as Jackson, but there is a laundry list of other actors who I’d throw in there if I had my choice of casting. I think Jackson is the only character who I have absolutely no idea who I would cast in a dream TV show or film. My other choices vary wildly, from Karl Urban, to Chris Pine, to Jeremy Renner and so on. Jackson Early is a tricky, fickle beast who will never be properly cast in my head.

What was the hardest part/greatest challenge of this book to write?

Rewriting it to the point where I was confident enough in it to self-publish. I’ve added over 10k words, changed up a few things, added some more investigating… Mostly just fixing what I felt to be continuity errors that existed in the previous drafts.

What’s up next for Blaze?

He has an ongoing serial every friday that is scheduled to run on my blog at least until the end of the year (sometime around Christmas 2014) that ties in to the continuity between novels. He has a few more books in various stages of planning. His second case – The Case of the Singing Canary – will be released eventually. Ha. I don’t have a planned date for that one yet. I’m not sure if it’ll be in late 2014 or early 2015, but it’s coming. He has a few promises he needs to fulfill. A few plot points that need resolution, so he’s not going anywhere just yet.

What is your perfect Sunday? And as a follow up, what is Blaze’s perfect Sunday?

I wish that you could have heard the mad cackling that just escaped my mouth. I don’t think that most people understand my love for the Cornetto Trilogy and the fact that you just asked me this… Excuse me, I gotta go regain my composure. *wanders away*
Okay, I’m back. Honestly? Time has no meaning for me, as I work from home and I sleep when it’s dark, so the concept of a ‘perfect Sunday’ doesn’t really apply. However, a quick trip out to drink overpriced coffee and recharge my writing batteries, followed by a movie night and a pizza sounds about right. Improv with my troupe every other Sunday makes it even better.

Blaze is a bit more tricky. He works at all hours, every day. He’s a bookworm, though, so a perfect Sunday would have to involve about three gallons of coffee and the newest bestseller, with no need for pants, interruptions or the need to think about work. I’d go on a rant and tell you about how he’d spend a Sunday with Kali, but that’s not entirely official yet.


BLAZE TUESDAY AND THE CASE OF THE KNIGHT SURGEON is a pulpy noir set in a futuristic New York. The oil and technology market crashed in the mid-2000’s and the world has developed into a technologically advanced form of SteamPunk. Body modification has become commonplace with rebellious teenagers, but this time, it’s literal. Clockwork body parts are touted as a medical miracle by the companies who make them, and high fashion by the stars who sport them, and a lot of kids go through illegall surgeries. The sub-culture of Gearheads is full of kids with robotic body parts from poorly done surgery in less-than-sanitary conditions, and these are surgeries that don’t always take.

Blaze Tuesday is New York’s most accomplished private investigator. A former police officer with a bone to pick with the corruption in the city, he’s earned a name for himself as a guy who gets results, and who is willing to uphold the moral values so many others have forgotten, even if he has to break a few faces to do it.

Blaze is hired by Wayside Firms, one of the medical firms that produces
the Clockwork, when a charity doctor who worked specifically with
less-fortunate kids who have had botched illegal, is found murdered. As Blaze investigates the unfortunate death, he discovers a conspiracy that stretches from the lowest gutters in Hell’s Kitchen, to the highest corporate fat cats at the medical firms who create the Clockwork body parts.

Can Blaze get justice for the dead doctor, and bring some hope back to the kids in Hell’s Kitchen who were counting on the Doctor’s help? Or will he get caught up in the underworld of body modification and the big money it brings in? Links!





Paperback (through Createspace):


A writer of many things and many genres, Kai is currently working on a novel (you can pretty much always assume that she’s writing something!) that involves murder, mayhem and probably a ghost or some other form of otherworldly creature. She is also working on some non-fiction but she’s not entirely sure why.

Kai has been writing for far too long and she’s convinced that both her “to be read” and “to be written” lists will never be completed before she dies. She has a diploma in palmistry and can read hands with an accuracy that scares even her sometimes. She is also accomplished at tea leaf reading and crystal divination, both of which she has also achieved a diploma for and scares herself with the accuracy of the things she has predicted.  A time-travelling, demon hunting, Asgardian geek, with an affinity for Pokemon and Shakespeare, you can be sure that there will be general insanity and dubious wisdom dispensed no matter where you chat with her.

As always, she requests that you “be excellent to each other” while she’s away.
Kai currently lives in Canada, but if she told you where, you’d have about fifteen seconds to assume the party position before the special ops team arrives.

She can be reached by email at

Author Website:

Twitter: @RaggedyAuthor


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